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Withington Pride

23/09/2023        Radical Joyful Unity

A day and night of events across Withington celebrating the local LGBTQ+ community’s vibrancy, creativity, & value, and building community networks of care, allyship and solidarity through music, art and dance!


There'll be something for everyone from free kids crafts to a march and street party, keep your eyes peeled for more info!

LGBT+ flag
Parallel Lines

Radical Joyful Unity


The Programme

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Get Involved! 

Withingtion Pride is a grassroots event, for the community by the community.  There are plenty of ways to get involved, from volunteering as a steward, safe-space facilitator or as part of the clean-up crew, to marching in the parade as a group or individual. 

Pride's not an event but what we create when we come together.


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A massive thank you to all the sponsors who have made the programming possible:

  • Manchester Local Care Organisation

  • Withington Baths

  • Southway Housing Trust

  • YOLO Funeral Services

  • Morpheus Withington

  • IceShack

  • Mockingbirds

  • Burton Road Brewing Co.

  • Didsbury Colour Labs Ltd.

  • MCRactive

If your business or organisation would like to support Withington Pride please contact us at

Supporting Venues

From hosting meetings to providing free event space, Withington Pride would not be possible without the support of local venues:

  • Cafe Blah

  • Fuel

  • Withington Baths 

  • Withington Library

  • Withington Public Hall Institute 

  • The Victoria

Withington Pride is committed to making space for LGBTQ+ pride in Withington, building inter-community connections and creating a rich story of Withington as a place and community in which we are proud to live. Your donations help us provide inclusive and accessible events for everyone to enjoy. Click below to donate!

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